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Systems and Sites developed by Zaidisoft

1. www.shipnoilbrokers.com: One of the largest Online trading Portal for the Oil and the shipping industry built on Cold Fusion Application.

2. www.lnglpg.com; This portal provides services to the companies involved in Natural Gas, LPG, LNG, PetCoke, Coal, Ammonia, Tolune and Xylene. It also provide services of ship chartering to the ship owners and the trading companies. This portal has been built on ASP Application.

3. www.shipnagents.com: The services at this portal are available to the Ship Owners, Ship Agents, Ship Builders, Chandliers, Ship's crew provider, jobseekers in the shipping industry, Ship Buyers and Sellers. One can also arrange financing through this porta for the purchase of a ship.This portal has been built on ASP Application.

4. www.energyontheweb.com. The site is now being re-constructed. This site would be an information center for the companies related to oil, Gas, Power and Shipping.

5. www.chemmed.com: The sites is another online trading portal for the medical industry. Its also provides consumers to buy their prescriptions on line and get the information of the Doctors, Hospitals and the Pharmacies. There is also a section of  job seekers on this portal. This portal has been built on ASP Application.

6. www.Shipnoil.com: A complete system was developed for this company.

7. www.chem-energy.com

8. www.knottsystems.com

Systems and the Sites Under Construction :

1. SOC Platform

2. Chemicals Place

To contact please e mail to: zaidisoft@shipnoil.com



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