Chem-Energy Corporation will develop and install Bio Fuel projects
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Vancouver granted US$2.3m to improve freight access to port

GCT offers barge service linking Guangzhou, Shenzhen port areas

BAX Guangzhou to start customs clearance service

MISC, MOL, NYK, OOCL, PIL to start SE Asia-NZ service

Awilco`s Voluntary Share Offer for Petrojack Cancelled

Pemex Boss Emphasizes Need for Managerial, Fiscal Autonomy

Statoil to Use Borgland Dolphin for Tampen Work

Pemex Boss Emphasizes Need for Managerial, Fiscal Autonomy

Blake Offshore MODU & MOPU Fleet Intact with No Damage

Sakhalin-1 Project Now Onstream
Alliance Rules

What is an alliance?

An Alliance is a group of companies, which have been cleared by us for their credit reliability, and reputation.


Purpose of the Alliance?

The purpose of this alliance is to bring credit worthy companies under one umbrella, to institute business relationships with fellow members, and to assist those entities in their business development. This would include the following:
1) Introduction to the local and international markets.
2) Assistance with suppliers in the local and international markets, and also to assist Alliance members with companies that they may currently already have a working relationship.
3) Offering products produced by members at potentially lower market prices to Alliance Associates.
4) Introduction of players in local markets to Alliance Associates, and introducing them to fellow members on a requested basis, and also assist in the details of concluding any contractual arrangement.
5) Providing services to Alliance members at a lower cost, than would ordinarily be the case that potentially could lead an investor or investors in negotiating equity or debt positions in any potential project.
6) Giving first right of refusal to Alliance Members in any potential transaction by associates.
7) Assisting Alliance members in tender offers in the United States, or any country, where one Alliance member does not have a presence, but the other associate does. For example, there may be a tender, or a supply of petroleum products in Thailand. The Alliance member in the USA, which has an office in Los Angeles, but no presence in Thailand, can ask the Alliance member in Thailand to bid for them. Then, that particular member, without even sending a representative to Thailand, may use their membership in the Alliance to obtain the proper information, in order to effect a transaction.

Benefits of joining the Alliance.

The benefits of the Alliance are as follows:
A. Immediate access to various global markets
B. Availability of suppliers and markets in global locations, where one does not have a presence.
C. Doing business with the companies which have already been cleared, and whose credit has already been checked. Only credit worthy companies would be part of the Alliance
D. Every company would be able to post their logos on the websites of Alliance members, and also on the websites of other members, if mutually agreed.
E. Saving overhead and costs by not having to open an office at other locations, where an Alliance member could assist.
F. Meeting other Alliance member staff in person at yearly conventions, which would be organized by the Alliance.

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